It’s Been CONFIRMED, Trump Brought His Own Staff To Cheer For Him During CIA Speech

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According to CBS News, unnamed U.S. government sources claimed that the first three rows in the audience at Trump’s speech were filled in part with supporters, including about 40 people who were invited by Trump, Pence and CIA director nominee Rep. Mike Pompeo.

CIA leadership in the front row did not cheer in response to Trump’s remarks, the report said.

According to print pool reports filed from the event, around 400 members of the CIA workforce attended the speech. Another pool report posted online by NBC’s Katy Tur notes that senior CIA leadership standing in the front row cheered less often, and at less politically volatile lines, than “the main crowd” of general agency staff.

It would be highly unusual for members of the CIA, who consider themselves apart from partisan politics, to laugh and cheer for lines from Trump, including him calling the media the “dishonest human beings.”

A large round of applause could be heard after Trump said he would guarantee that “a big portion” of the crowd had voted for him.

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