Watch Whoopi Goldberg CRUSH This Anti-Abortion Conservative, This Is BRUTAL!

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Once Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States the Republican party will control the entire legislative system as they have majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The prime directive of the Republicans is to remove the funding for Planned Parenthood because the organization offers low-income individuals abortion services. However, none of the money which the Federal government pays to Planned Parenthood is used for abortions. This is a point which was loudly made on “The View” by host Whoopie Goldberg.

The topic on the program was the Republican plan to defund Planned Parenthood and Goldberg wasted no time correcting the public’s ignorance:

Do people still not have their facts straight about who’s going to actually be affected by Planned Parenthood’s removal There is no line item in the federal budget that goes to Planned Parenthood. No tax dollars. Can we just say that again? Because the myth of federal tax dollars for abortions has been discredited.

Jedediah Bila argued with Goldberg that religious people don’t want their tax dollars to be spent on Planned Parenthood even if the tax dollars don’t go to abortions, because the organization still performs the procedure. Goldberg reminded Bila how absurd of an argument that is, as her tax dollars are spent on a variety of things she does not approve of either:

I’m paying for stuff I don’t want to pay for. I don’t want to pay for a wall. My thing about America is that people have to pay their fair share for things they don’t like and things they do like. You may not like abortion—don’t have one.

Watch the interaction below:

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