Hillary Clinton Just Explained Why She Attended The Inauguration, THIS Is Class, And The #1 Reason She Should Be The President Right Now

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After fighting a bitter and often personal battle during last year’s bruising presidential election, Hillary Clinton arrived for Donald Trump‘s swearing-in ceremony in Washington, D.C. Friday alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

“This is not an easy day for anyone that supported her or believes in progressive values, let alone her,” a longtime aide tells PEOPLE. “But she did it, because she’s Hillary Clinton, and she’s there for all the right reasons, honoring democracy, and representing the values she ran on.”

The Democratic candidate shared on Twitter that she was attending the swearing in ceremony.

“I’m here today to honor our democracy & its enduring values,” she wrote. “I will never stop believing in our country & its future.”

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