Hillary Clinton CRUSHES Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban With One Tweet, THIS IS WHY SHE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT!

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The blowback to President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban individuals from numerous majority Muslim countries has drawn the ire of individuals around the world. Only the dumbest and most hateful individuals are cheering Trump and everybody else holds him in complete disdain, flabbergasted that any person could be so absolutely stupid.

After she was humiliated by Trump in the election Secretary Hillary Clinton has come back to public life to continue battling Trump. Clinton had been licking her wounds for weeks and she came out of the gate burning Trump to the ground with a single Twitter post:

Trump finds himself confused to why the entire world is banding arm in arm to stand against his villainy. He is oblivious and does not understand why more individuals do not share his warped view of the world. Trump will remain in power, unless he is impeached, for the next four years. Individuals around the world are geared up for a fight of epic proportions and they are not willing to back down. Trump’s methods of intimidation have no power or sway over them, and they are willing to lay everything on the line to keep Trump from sending the world back into the dark ages. The world is lucky to have Hillary Clinton back and ready to join the fight as well.

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