Fox News Says The Shooter In Montreal Mosque Attack Was MUSLIM, He’s Actually A WHITE, ALT-RIGHT TRUMP SUPPORTER!

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The right wing political ideology in the United States believes that individuals who identify as Muslims are the greatest threat to their way of life. There is no evidence to substantiate this belief other than the ramblings of lunatics. After the lives of innocent Muslims were taken in a mass shooting event those same people remain silent. They can only see violence for what it is when it benefits them. This was the case after 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette shot and killed six Muslims and wounded eight more at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City. Fox News, the paragon of truth and virtue, attempted to spin the story to make it seem that Bissonnette, who is white as the driven snow, was a Muslim from Morocco.

The embarrassing moment for Fox News came via Twitter when they shamelessly blasted out the obviously false tweet:

Followers of Fox’s Twitter immediately latched on to the tweet as if it were true, but many also spoke out and demanded Fox stop spreading obvious propaganda. One can view some of the best comments below:

Fox News is known for their shamelessness and they have refused to remove the story.

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