Former Trump Employee Says Donald Trump Has Been Mentally Unstable FOR 35 YEARS

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For the entirety of Donald Trump’s political ascension to power his mental stability has been questioned by anxious observers. Through his various flaws which include the inability to handle criticism and the demand for those who surround him to lavish him with nothing but praise it has become quite clear President Trump is an in the wool narcissist. A former employee of Trump, who worked with him in the 1980s, has spoken out about his behavior and says he exhibited all of these symptoms decades ago.

In an email to the New York Daily News Barbara A. Res, author of “All Alone on the 68th Floor: How One Woman Changed the Face of Construction” wrote a scathing rebuke of her former boss:

Many years ago, I am going to say some time in 1982, The New York Times published a piece on narcissism. One member of our crew read the Times every day on the way to work and brought the article into the office.

Being the team who was charged with building Trump Tower, we all knew Donald Trump very well, especially myself. To a person, we all agreed that the characteristics outlined in the article fit Donald to a “T.” Now, 35 years later, professionals are saying what we knew back then. Only now he is so much worse.

It is gratifying to see a confirmation of our speculations. I pray America survives his presidency, for however long it lasts.

Unfortunately for Res and the entirety of society, being a narcissist is not a disqualification for being the President of the United States. Trump’s awful personality is what propelled him to the White House and now only time will tell what he will do now that he is sitting in the Oval Office.

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