Former Close Friend Of Donald Trump Speaks, Russell Simmons Says “My Friendship With Trump Is OVER!”

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Russell Simmons, who once called Donald Trump a pal of “many years,” now says his friendship with the president is officially over.

“Not anymore,” the record executive told The New York Daily News of his more than decade-long relationship with Trump. “I’m sure he doesn’t consider me a friend after some of the statements I’ve made.”

The Def Jam founder says while he once spent virtually “every weekend” at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and “was with him on his first date” with first lady Melania, he cut off his buddy the day Trump announced his White House bid in 2015.

“I said, ‘I’d rather Kim Kardashian be president,’ so he called the office and that was the end of our friendship,” Simmons told the News in a Monday interview. Simmons says he declined to take Trump’s call.

Simmons, who said last year that Trump has “fueled the fires of hate” and who endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, says he hasn’t spoken to Trump since then.

“Well, you know, all of our friends have issues — I have issues,” Simmons says. “I accept people as they are as long as they’re not running for president.”

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