Eric Trump Just Tweeted His Father’s New “Nickname”, And Yes, IT’S DUMB!

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One doesn’t have to look too far to find Republican hypocrisy, as to be a Republican means they have to be willing to lie and change their positions at the drop of a hat. During President Obama’s time in office Republicans gleefully accused him of not spending enough of his time working on issues when Obama would take a much-needed break out of his office. Being a president is a job which requires around the clock dedication and as such, even presidents need time to relax and unwind. However, it appears Republicans are only agreeable with fellow Republicans taking a break from work and not with Democrats.

Obama’s time on golf courses was constantly ridiculed.  One would hope these same individuals would hold the same stance when President-elect Donald Trump golfs as well, but such a scenario is likely never going to happen. If it did there would be outrage by right-wing individuals who are upset that Trump was recently featured on the front of a golf magazine. Trump’s son, Eric, tweeted out the cover and naturally daddy Trump went right along for the ride:

Golfer in chief? If such a magazine were made in honor of Obama, the loud bellyaching by Republicans would be neverending. Now they are suddenly silent. One must wonder why?

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