Donald Trump’s First Week Poll Numbers Released, They Are HISTORICALLY Low, Trump Is Going To EXPLODE!

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Donald Trump is starting his term with a 36% approval rating over his first five days in office, according to a new poll released on Thursday.

The Quinnipiac poll shows that 44% of American voters disapprove of Trump’s presidency so far, with another 19% who are undecided.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s ratings split sharply along party lines. The poll found 81% of Republicans approve of President* Trump so far, while only 4% of Democrats approve. Trump has a 35% approval rating among independent voters.

By comparison, the first Quinnipiac poll after President Obama was first inaugurated showed him at a 59% approval rating.

The poll found 53% of Americans are optimistic about the next four years under Trump, and 44% said he would help rather than hurt the economy. It also found that 55% of people believe Trump will do more to divide the country, rather than unite the nation.

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