Donald Trump Robbed Every American Out Of $500 As Soon As He Took Office, And It’s Only BEGINNING!

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Now that the Republican party has taken full control of the Federal government they have made their first move toward making the lives of Americans easier. How are they going about this glorious task? By making it much more difficult for Americans to afford to pay their mortgages.

One of the parting gifts of President Obama’s time in the White House was a cut in the fees for mortgages, but guess what Trump did as soon as he took power? He revoked the price cut because he’s such a nice and generous man. While the price cut had not yet gone into effect, but was slated to on January 27 — it will now never happen.

Overall Trump and his team robbed American citizens of $500 a month worth of savings on a typical loan. That is less money for Americans to feed their children, buy medication, or anything else which could have helped the economy. It is quite clear that Trump is playing lipservice to the ideals of actually fixing the economy of the United States because if he were interested in finishing such a task he would not have taken such an action.

Now the American people are forced to sit and wait to see what other surprises Trump has in store for them. It is clear Trump will not be offering any extra benefits and all Americans must prepare to protect themselves and their money from Trump’s greedy hands.

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