Donald Trump Jr., Liked A HORRIBLY Racist And Xenophobic Tweet, What Was He Thinking?

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The popularity of President Donald Trump is the lowest it has ever been in recorded history for such an early presidency. It took George W. Bush years to grow so disliked. Part of Trump’s lack of likability is his inability to understand the social climate of those around him. This is also true of his son, Donald Jr, who has been proving himself to be equally as ignorant and oblivious to how he is perceived.

The shooting in Canada which claimed the lives of numerous peaceful Muslims was a tragedy. Any person who seeks to capitalize on that is nothing short of a villain, which perfectly describe Trump’s son.

While on Twitter Donald Jr took the time to ‘like’ a post which said:

When it’s revealed that the #QuebecShooting terrorists are Muslims, #Trump will have a tremendous spike in political capital. #MuslimBan

It is an absolute effrontery to peace and justice for Trump’s son to take pleasure in the death of others, or to acknowledge that such an action might grant his father the ability to pick up some sympathy support. The Trump family continues to lower the bar on class and grace in the White House. There is no telling how low they will go in their pursuit of greed and power because at this time it does truly seem to be endless.

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