Donald Trump Is Going BALLISTIC Over Losing The Popular Vote, His Case For “Voter Fraud” Will Make You SICK!

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Donald Trump lost the popular vote. That is a fact.

Trump received 62,980,160 votes, or 46%, and Hillary Clinton received 65,845,063 votes, or 48%.

Those are facts that Donald Trump cannot deal with.

So now Trump is calling “voter fraud” and plans on an investigation.

In a meeting with House leaders on Monday, Trump used an anecdote from a German golfer Bernhard Langer as evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Trump reportedly began Monday’s meeting by claiming fraudulent ballots cast by “illegals” cost him the popular vote during last year’s presidential election.

Trump then shared a story from Langer after a Democrat protested his claims, according to three staff members present for the meeting in the State Dining Room.

The president reportedly told listeners that Langer, 59, was informed he could not vote on Election Day while waiting in line at a polling place near his home in Florida.

Trump said Langer described voters around him in line who did not look if they should be allowed to vote but were permitted to cast provisional ballots.

The president then reportedly mentioned Latin American nations that the voters may have originated from.

Trump’s story was greeted with silence from assembled parties, they added, before White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and Sen. John Cornyn urged the president to move on.

Langer’s daughter on Wednesday said her father is a German citizen with permanent residence in Boca Raton, Fla., and is not allowed to vote

“He is a citizen of Germany,” Christina Langer told the Times when reached on her father’s cell phone. “He is not a friend of President Trump’s, and I don’t know why he would talk about him.”

Langer added her father was “very busy” and could not answer further questions about the supposed anecdote.

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