Donald Trump Has Already Renovated The Oval Office, And YES, It’s As Bad As You Think! [TAKE A LOOK]

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The Oval Office was remodeled for President Donald Trump and now features a lot more gold: couches, curtains and a “sunburst” patterned carpet.

The changes were first spotted as Trump signed his first executive orders and memos as president.

“They always change the carpet, he changed the carpet to a new sunburst pattern,” CNN anchor Erin Burnett reported. “The curtains were a maroon red, now they’re gold. And they’re new couches. They are brocade, no longer gray suede.”

“It’s exactly what you’d expect right?” she later added

Don Lemon described it as “All gold everything.”

It is traditional for new president to remodel the Oval Office to their liking upon inauguration.

Trump is known for enjoying gold accents and features in interior decorating. Anchors noted that his office and home at Trump Tower heavily feature gold.

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