Donald Trump Hangs New Portrait In The Oval Office, A Portrait Of A GENOCIDAL PRESIDENT

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Donald Trump has hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office on Tuesday, in an apparent nod to the populist sentiments of the new administration.

Trump’s rise has often been compared to the populist election of Jackson, including by some of the new president’s own team. Steve Bannon called Trump’s inauguration speech on Friday “Jacksonian,” saying it struck the populist and patriotic tones Jackson was known for.

Trump has also expressed admiration for the seventh president, as well, calling Jackson “an amazing figure in American history — very unique so many ways,” through a spokesperson last week.

Jackson, a former military officer and U.S. senator, was known for his fiery temper and bombastic rhetoric. After he lost his first presidential bid in 1824, for example, he claimed the system was “rigged.”

Jackson’s legacy is also rife with controversy, including the fact that he is a murderer and committed genocide. In 1838 and 1839, Jackson ordered the removal of the Cherokee Nation out of its lands east of the Mississippi in a massive forced migration now referred to as the “Trail of Tears.”

Last year, the Treasury Department announced plans for a new $20 bill that would bump Jackson’s portrait for that of Harriet Tubman.

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