Donald Trump Gets Caught In HUGE Russia Lie, Possible PROOF He’s Been Compromised

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One merely has to throw a stone to hit one of the incalculable amount of times President-elect Donald Trump has been found to be contradicting himself. Trump is absolutely shameless and refuses to ever admit that he has changed a position, but rather argues he can hold contradictory positions simultaneously. This ability by Trump to keep a straight face while talking out of both sides of his mouth is one of his greatest assets in fooling the public into believing what he says to be the truth. Trump’s past comments about Russia years ago have come back to haunt him, but one would not know that by talking to Trump.

Trump was a guest on NBC News in 2014 and he did not have a glowing opinion of the Communist nation as he does today. He said, “Well, Mitt was right, and he was also right when he mentioned in one of the debates about Russia, and he said, ‘Russia’s our biggest problem, and Russia is, you know, really something. He said it’s a hell of a problem, and everybody laughed at him, including certain media, by the way. They laughed. It turned out that he’s absolutely right. You look at what Russia’s doing with Iran, how they controlled the situation, and Syria, and virtually every other place that … We were thrown out of every place. I’m not saying we should be there. We should rebuild our own schools and our own bridges and highways and everything else. To be scoffed at and thrown around the way we’re being thrown around is absolutely unthinkable.”

Given how close Trump is with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, these comments almost seem impossible to have come out of his mouth, but they did indeed happen.

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