Disgraced Trump Pal Chris Christie Speaks Out About The Muslim Ban, TRUMP WILL BE FURIOUS!

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is defending Donald Trump’s immigration ban, but he’s gone on the record to say that the roll-out was “terrible”.

Speaking to NJ 101.5 radio, Christie said:

“I think the president’s intention here is right. His intention is to try to protect our country from terrorist attacks from people who mean to do us harm.

Secondly, the rollout of this executive order was terrible — the way people were not involved or consulted. There was confusion in the enforcement that went on here.

“And the president deserved much better than the rollout he got of this plan. I think that’s what caused a lot of mistakes that were made. And those mistakes were unacceptable.”

Christie also dismissed critics who say the order is intended as a ban on Muslims.

“We know that that’s not what this policy is,” Christie said. “He’s backed off significantly from that position he had during the campaign. This is narrower than that.

“However, I’ve always believed you need to make those decisions based upon intelligence, not on generalizations,” Christie added of immigrant and refugee vetting.

Trump signed an executive order on Friday imposing a 90-day ban on visitors from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Christie is right here. Look, we all knew Trump wanted to do this. And I think everyone can agree we want to be protected from dangerous people who want to hurt us.

But the roll out of this executive order has been a cluster f*ck from the get. Trump and his administration made rookie mistakes, and now they look sloppy. That’s not good.

That said, Christie isn’t the most popular fellow either. After being humiliated by Trump, who reportedly made Christie fetch his fast food lunch orders during the campaign, the New Jersey governor has seen his popularity sink to record lows. A Quinnipiac University poll published Tuesday found that just 17 percent of New Jersey votes approve of their governor, compared to 78 percent who disapprove.

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