Cory Booker Just DESTROYED The Republican Party In TWO MINUTES, You Must Watch This!

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Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey is a firebranded hero of the left. For years he has made his presence known as a public servant who will fight tooth and nail to help individuals receive the rights they deserve. With Donald Trump incoming as the next president, and with Republicans holding majorities in both houses of congress Booker certainly has his work cut out for him — but he is clearly ready for a fight.

Booker was fiery and chomping at the bit during a press conference where he defended Planned Parenthood:

So, I don’t have a message for fellow Republican elected, because they’re not depending on Planned Parenthood in their neighborhoods. They’re well paid comfortable people. I have a message for every American, Democrat, and Republican who rely on these services or know people that do, or have the kind of heart to care enough to stand up for the women that receive these services.

I saw what happened when Chris Christie in my state cut the funding to Planned Parenthood. I saw in poor neighborhoods doors being shut, hours being constricted.

This is a moment in America.

Republicans now think they’re elected with a mandate to do these kind of things. I saw just this week the craven overreach of the Republican Party when they tried the Republican GOP to gut Independent Ethics Oversight. And what we saw there was the American people standing up and saying “We will not tolerate this!” and so this is another point.

We see that they will listen if enough people stand up and fight!

And so this is the first shot in what is going to be a battle leading into real reconciliation. And if enough Americans stand up and say we’re not going to tolerate this. We didn’t elect anybody to rip out the key preventive services to make it harder to be someone struggling in this country to get basic healthcare services, that I believe in women, that I believe fundamentally in this country and that institutions like this make a stronger, better, more intelligent, more compassionate, more loving.

Watch Booker’s statement below:

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