Conservatives Are Accusing Pres. Obama Of HITTING ON Melania Trump At Inauguration, Here’s Their RIDICULOUS “Proof”

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I know, this is almost so ridiculous, so STUPID, that I shouldn’t even give it any credence.

But to me, it shows just how far some on the right are willing to go to hurt the Obamas.

On Sunday, InfoWars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson tweeted an alleged photo from Inauguration Day that showed former President Barack Obama grabbing new First Lady Melania Trump by the rear:

From Mediaite:

Between the content, the former president’s unusually long left arm, and Watson’s recent history, there was plenty of reason to doubt the authenticity of the photo. Just over a week ago, Watson had “reported” that BuzzFeed and CNN were about to release a video of Trump using the “N-word” in an outtake from “The Apprentice.” Two days later, BuzzFeed reported, complete with screenshots, that the source of the story was some random guy who direct messaged Watson on Twitter. The article was subsequently deleted.

Obviously this is a lie, an obvious attempt to smear President Obama (and in the worst way), and a bad photoshop as well. Take a look at the video:

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