Donald Trump Caught Talking About Having Sex With Russian Women In Howard Stern Interview

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All week we have been inundated with news about the leaked, unsubstantiated intel report that claimed the Russian government had compromising information about Donald Trump, including that he participated in “golden showers” with Russian prostitutes.

Trump has vehemently denied the accusations, and Buzzfeed has received an enormous amount of criticism for its decision to release the report, which everyone on the right is calling “fake news”.

Now an old Howard Stern interview has been uncovered, which seems much more interesting in retrospect.

During a 2001 appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Trump and gossip columnist A.J. Benza were engaged in a sophomoric battle over ex-girlfriends, with Trump needling Benza about stealing his woman. (Something we noted in August 2015.) At one point during the back-and-forth, after Trump said he hoped “A.J.’s clean,” Benza responded by claiming Trump “bangs Russian people.” Trump shot back, stating “who are you talking about” and “I don’t know anything.”

“He used to call me when I was a columnist and say, ‘I was just in Russia, the girls have no morals, you gotta get out there’,” Benza noted. “He’s out of his mind.”

During his press conference, besides talking about his germaphobic tendencies, the incoming POTUS went on a tangent about how Russians have cameras everywhere and that when he visited during the Miss Universe contest a few years ago, he warned everyone to “be careful.”

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