U.S. Officials Know WHO In Russia Gave Emails To Wikileaks, Russians Were CONGRATULATING Each Other When Trump Won

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Donald Trump and his staff would be grateful if the public were to forget all about the ongoing investigation into the Russian government’s involvement in helping Trump steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton. Trump has loudly lamented about the redundant nature of looking into the matter any further, rather asking for the American people to move on for the better of the country. Now a senate hearing into the debacle has yielded some damaging evidence against Trump and his allies.

United States intelligence agencies were able to capture communications from Russian government officials. On Election night in the United States, after Trump’s victory, the Russian officials were jubilant and celebrating as if they had won the election personally. It was also disclosed that any of the decisions made by the Russian government came from the absolute top.

That revelation, along with dozens of others including the subject of individual Russian spies helping to push Trump’s agenda, were laid out in a 50-page report which is highly classified.

President Obama was given a copy on Jan 5th and President-elect Trump is expected to receive his on Jan 6th.

How will Trump react when there is now, apparently, evidence which can be reproduced on cable news programs indefinitely? Will he attempt to use his blustering style to confuse the American people, and will he be able to distract them long enough to change the subject?

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