Trump’s Polling Numbers CRASH, He’s Lost America’s Faith And HE IS P*SSED!

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It appears as if some of the American people who voted for Trump are finally waking up from their hangovers and are having buyer’s remorse. Trump loved to talk about his high approval ratings and polling numbers when he was out on the campaign trail, but now Trump is silent as his polling numbers continue to plummet faster than the value of his attempted coup of the National Football League when he lost millions.

The bad news for Trump came from a Quinnipiac University poll which found Trump has an entirely believable unfavorable rating of 51%. That means, for those not well versed in math, that the majority of individuals polled do not like or approve of Trump. Furthermore, not only do they not like Trump they also do not trust Trump.

The popularity of Trump has been magnified by the main stream media which made the dastardly mistake of placing Trump on a pedestal and giving him wall to wall television coverage for free. The media did this while simultaneously ignoring other candidates. The hype behind Trump is not solely their responsibility, but they surely own a chunk to be laid at their doorsteps.

As it happens Trump is now officially the least liked president-elect in the history of the United States. 62 percent of respondents believe Trump is not “level-headed.” Furthermore 52 percent say that Trump does not care about the “Average American.” Perhaps the most damning for Trump is that 53 of people who responded said they do not believe that Trump is an honest person.

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