Trump Just Took Us One Step Closer To Nuclear War, U.S. Officials Are OUTRAGED

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The behavior of President-elect Donald Trump remains erratic at best, and absolutely dangerous at worst. It appears Trump, who has not yet been sworn in, has been making policy when he does not have a right to do so. Recently, according to an unnamed source, Trump contacted the National Nuclear Security Administration and told both the director and their deputy that they were fired immediately once Trump takes power. Furthermore, there has been no replacement put into place to assume their duties which is a tremendous cause for concern.

The unnamed source at the Department of Energy, who spoke on a condition of anonymity because they fear reprisals from Trump, said:

There are scores more appointees within the department. Secretarial and administration appointments that don’t require Senate confirmation, mostly performing policy, liaison, and strategic advisory capacities in support of the agency they’re at. They serve at the will of the head of their agency. Those people are, theoretically, also out on inauguration day unless otherwise directed, which hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge. I’m more and more coming around to the idea that we’re so very very fucked.

One must wonder just exactly is Trump thinking by firing people without having a replacement in place to take over the very real duties required to keep the American nuclear arsenal safe? Perhaps Trump believes leaving America’s nuclear weapons without a full staff is a fine idea, but it reeks of an odor put off by a person who does not understand the very real implications of their own behavior.

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