Trump FREAKING OUT On Twitter About Hillary Clinton, TWO WEEKS Before His Inauguration!

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One thing Donald Trump would never be accused of being is a good sport. In fact Trump’s thin skin is so legendary that his outbursts and inability to stop bragging has been mercilessly mocked in the media. This, in kind, lends Trump to behave even more erratically because Trump cannot tolerate any form of criticism and he lashes out at those who he perceives to have slighted him.

Trump regularly uses Twitter as an outlet for his disgruntled commentary. Never before has a politician of such stature ever used Twitter in the way Trump does which is mostly because other politicians have more sense than Trump.

While The soon to be 45th President of United States should be preparing to take office, Trump took time out of his busy schedule to babble on about the night of the presidential election back in November. He wrote:

The world is well aware Trump won the election, so why is he talking about Clinton canceling her victory party’s fireworks? Doesn’t he have anything else better to spend his time on? Is this time of buffoonery what the American people have to look forward fo for the next four years?


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