Trump Caught In HUGE Lie, This Is Going To BLOW UP IN HIS FACE!

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If one is seeking to observe Donald Trump, the not yet inaugurated 45th President of the United States, in his hypocritical glory there are many instances for them to watch. Trump has stunned the media with his ability to blatantly lie and assert information which is incorrect without being held to task. It has been widely publicized in the media that the CIA published a report stating the Russian government employed hackers to damage the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, at the behest of Donald Trump. In his usual fare Trump has denied the allegations despite the evidence against him. Trump has asked for the nation to move on from the situation and to look no further into the matter. This is a sharp distance from Trump’s previous 2010 position towards espionage and the dissemination of government secrets.

An interview from Trump on 2010 has recently come to light to highlight just what a blustering self-serving buffon Trump truly is. The Wikileaks scandal involving Chelsea Manning was in full swing and Trump was quoted on Fox New’s Brian Kilmeade’s radio show. He was asked for his thoughts on WikiLeaks by host Brian Kilmeade and Trump said:

I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something.

So here Trump was calling for the death of someone who worked with WikiLeaks and later in 2016 WikiLeaks helped Trump to secure the presidency. Surely Trump is willing to look the other way when it benefits him, and that is a disgrace.

Watch Trump’s comment below:

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