Sen. Lindsey Graham SLAMS Trump, Says Republicans Who Cheer Russians Are “Un-American”

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There is little room for doubt to wonder if the Russian government was involved in employing hackers to attack the Democratic party’s email system in an attempt to undermine American democracy. Numerous intelligence agencies have confirmed the Russian’s involvement, and despite the complaints from the Trump administration investigations are looking into the matter. One Republican senator has broken from their party’s ranks to call out their colleagues who are attempting to pretend that the Russian involvement was business as usual.

Sen Lindsey Graham said on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, “Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did. And to those who are gleeful about it — you’re a political hack. You’re not a Republican. You’re not a patriot.” He went on to say, ““We should all Republicans, Democrats condemn Russia for what they did. To my Republican friends who are gleeful, you’re making a huge mistake.”

The good senator went on to describe how confused he felt about his party’s leader, President-elect Donald Trump, cozying up to the Russian government:

I don’t know what drives him on Russia, but I do know this. That if our policies don’t change vis a vis Russia, the worst is yet to come. And the Congress is going to have a different view on Russia than the president-elect does.

Graham is a former Republican contender for president, and he is nearing the end of his political career. He may be making waves while he still has the ability to do so, but it remains unclear what he will actually accomplish besides alienating himself from his own party.

Watch the full segment below:

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