Republicans Calling For IMMEDIATE Investigation In Russian Hacking, But They Are INVESTIGATING OBAMA!

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And it starts.

The Republican party’s top leadership has been dragging their feet and making every excuse to not investigate President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory. The CIA noted in a recent report that evidence existed that proved the Russian government was involved in helping Trump win by hacking the Democratic’s email server and disseminating the information. Rather than face the music, the propgandist spinsters employed by the Republicans have come up with a way to distract the American people from the very obvious truth that their election was stolen. In their never ending quest to belittle President Barack Obama it was announced an investigation will be opened and Obama’s response to the Russian hacking will be the subject of the investigation.

The wasteful, petty, and fruitless investigation will be brought by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A closed-door briefing will take place on Jan. 5 and will be headed by Republican Sen. Bob Corker who said, “”We are going to systematically walk through the entire Russia issue and fully understand what has transpired.”

This act of political theater is a disgrace to the American people, and an effrontery towards the democracy which has been fought and died for by thousands of individuals who believe in the promise of the United States. No information will be found, and no good will come of this wasted use of time and resources. The Republicans have truly outdone themselves this time and they should be embarrassed and ashamed.

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