Paul Ryan Has Been DIRECTLY LINKED To Russian Election Hacking

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The Russian government has been implicated by various members of the Intelligence Community of the United States for employing hackers to disrupt democratic elections, and to undermine faith in the government of the United States. The evidence against the Russian government is staggering, and it has been shown to have helped Donald Trump win the presidential election against Hillary Clinton. This is a charge which Trump and his team have tried every trick in the book to deflect, but they cannot cover up such an atrocity when so many individuals in the public are demanding answers. However, Trump was not the only beneficiary of the Russian villainy and other investigations have pointed towards other members of the Republican Party having been involved as well.

The New York Times discovered that nearly a dozen races of the House of Representatives were tainted by the Russian government]s hacking. They wrote:

The impact of the information released by the hackers on candidates like Ms. Taddeo in Florida and others in nearly a dozen House races around the country was largely lost in the focus on the hacking attacks against the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. But this untold story underscores the effect the Russian operation had on the American electoral system.

The sovereignty of American democracy has been abridged and stolen right from under the very noses of the American people. What they choose to do in response, while Trump is still in power, is the guess of any individual.

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