Major World Leader Just SLAMMED Trump Over His Blatant Sexism, This Is FABULOUS!

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The staunchest and strongest ally of the United States is the United Kingdom, but even that relationship has become strained since Donald Trump won the presidential election. Through Trump’s never ending gaffes and inappropriate language used bragging about sexually assaulting women, he has placed himself in an ideological box to which other world leaders are reluctant to stand near or do business with. However, the time will soon be upon the world when Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States and these trepidations will be forced to the wayside. Until that time however, the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May shared some comments about Trump where she described her disapproval.

When asked about Trump’s comments towards women May said in an interview for Sky News, “I think that’s unacceptable, but the relationship the UK has with the US is something much bigger than the relationship between the President and PM.” She went on to describe the relationship between the two allies:

It’s based on shared values and it is a relationship where, actually in the UK, we feel we can say to the US if we disagree with something that they are doing.

Given Trump’s inability to be respectful towards women, when the two finally meet it will surely to be a contentious scenario. One imagines Trump commenting on May’s appearance, which he would believe is being kind. The whole world is watching and waiting for this epic showdown.

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