Israeli Intelligence Says There’s MORE DIRT To Come On Donald Trump And Russia!

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President-elect Donald Trump’s administration has been desperatley scrambling to explain away a dossier of information which has been circling that alleges Trump has been in cahoots with the Russian government. The documents contained in the dossier allege that the Russian government has been blackmailing Trump, and the news only gets worse from there for Trump and his team. Now that the news has been circulating it has prompted intelligence agencies from around the world to join in the excavation of digging into Trump’s history. Apparently, the Israeli government and their intelligence agencies have found information on Trump and they are now looking to share it.

Buzzfeed news has been leading the charge against Trump. They spoke to an Israeli intelligence official who said, “There have been various reports about Trump’s ties to Russia. The dossier is one of them, but there are others, they make other allegations. Some are more specific, and some are less. You can trust me that many intelligence agencies are trying to evaluate the extent to which Trump might have ties, or a weakness of some type, to Russia.” The official further said Israel would be willing to share the information they have on Trump if they were assured that the information wouldn’t find its way to the Russian government which is one of their biggest enemies.

A meeting was held regarding all of this information which was reported by the Yedio Ahronot, an Israeli publication:

According to the Israelis who were present in the meeting, the Americans recommended that until it is made clear that Trump is not inappropriately connected to Russia and is not being extorted – Israel should avoid revealing sensitive sources to administration officials for fear the information would reach the Iranians.

It seems Trump is in for a rude awakening if and when the information other agencies have about him finally does come to light.

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