FBI Director James Comey KNEW About Trump’s Russian Ties But Held Them, BUT RELEASED LETTER ABOUT HILLARY’S EMAILS

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After the shock victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton the world was reeling as to how Trump’s victory was possible. Many speculated that Trump had the help of the Russian government, but it had never been confirmed. Then the Central Intelligence Agency released a report stating credible evidence existed to show the Russian government had paid hackers to attempt to influence the presidential election. The FBI further corroborated these findings. However, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, was recently a witness at a congressional hearing.

Democratic House Minority Leader Mark Wener asked Comey, “This is related to the American people. Will you release an unclassified response before January 20th? They have a right to know.” Comey slyly replied, “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation.” Sen. Angus King then attempted to tamp Comey down to give an answer by asking, “Is the FBI investigating connections between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives?” Comey, again, evaded the question by sidestepping, “I didn’t say one way or another. We never confirm or deny an ongoing investigation.”

Comey is playing coy due to his own complicity in the presidential elections. He made a false announcement about new information discovered regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server, when the reality later discovered was nothing new was actually found. Comey essentially injected himself into the election for no other reason than to help Trump win. Now that he is facing questions about the Russian government’s involvement he is dragging his feet.

Watch hearing below:

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