Ex-MI6 Agent Drops BOMBSHELL, Claims FBI PURPOSELY Covered For Trump

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The scandals which have followed President-elect Donald Trump’s rise to power have been too numerous to count. One benefit Trump has enjoyed is his ability to brush aside information and disclosures which would have destroyed the political careers of nearly any other politician. Recently it was revealed that Trump had been in collusion with the Russian government in a tit for tat scenario. Trump agreed to look the other way on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because Trump knew the Russian government was employing hackers to break into the Democratic party’s email system. These revelations have come to light from the hand of a former MI6 agent, which is the most secretive agency of the Britain.

The agent in question, Christopher Steele, was hired to research Trump by the Democratic party at the beginning of June 2016, and the information he found was disturbing. Steele was so bothered by what he found that he took the information and gave it to various intelligence agencies in an attempt to stave off what he believed to be Trump’s possible national security risks.

During his research Steele claims to have found evidence of Trump working with the Russian government on a litany of issues, and he became exquisitely frustrated with the FBI who refused to act on the information he gave to them.

After Trump won the presidency Steele’s services were no longer needed by his employers, but he continued to research Trump anyway pro bono. Steele reached out to Sen. John McCain and presented him with the information, and McCain is said to have brought the information directly to the FBI’s director. Again, nothing was done.

This story is to be taken with a grain of salt because the only evidence any of this happened is the word of Steele who has mysteriously disappeared and is not able to comment on the situation.

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