Cowardly John McCain Kisses The Republican Ring, Bows To Pressure To Kiss Donald Trump’s A$$

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The American people have been rightfully outraged over the news that the Russian government-employed hackers to break into the Democratic party’s email server. The information which was stolen was then leaked to the public and is believed to be at least partly responsible for Hillary Clinton’s electoral loss to Donald Trump. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was thought to be the answer to this debacle, and he vowed that he would bring the Russian government to task to answer for their desecration of American democracy. However, it now appears McCain’s rhetoric was nothing but tough talk and he is now backing away from his promise of holding hearings into the matter.

McCain and his cowardly backing away from a fight which only he could bring as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee is a shame and a blotch on his already shaky public record. Previously McCain had vowed to open a special hearing to begin on January 5th, but when asked why he canceled the hearings he said he was deferring to the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “He said he doesn’t think we need it.”

Suddenly McCain, who claims to be a maverick, is deferring to the bought and paid for McConnell who has sold his constituents down the river more times than is possible to calculate. With McConnel now calling the shots for the hearings there is little doubt in the mind of an informed individual that whatever hearings are held, they will be pure lip service and accomplish absolutely nothing.

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