BREAKING: All State Department Senior Management Just RESIGNED, CHAOS!

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The State Department’s entire senior level of management officials has resigned.

Patrick Kennedy, the agency’s undersecretary for management who had served in the role for nine years, resigned unexpectedly along with three of his top officials

Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond and Ambassador Gentry O. Smith, director of the Office of Foreign Missions, resigned as well.

All of them served under both Democratic and Republican administrations.

They join a number of other officials who have departed since President Trump took office last week.

Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Gregory Starr retired and director of the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations Lydia Muniz left on Friday.

“It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate,” said David Wade, who served as State Department chief of staff under Secretary of State John Kerry.

Trump’s nominee for secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was reportedly at the State Department headquarters on Wednesday. At the time, the Trump team was looking to hired Tillerson’s No. 2 and three other officials as well as replace Kennedy.

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