Alarmed Senators Don’t Believe Trump, Calling For IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION Into Trump’s Russian Intel Leak

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The calls have come on strong and swift for President-elect Donald Trump to resign his post before he is even sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. A new bombshell report has recently been published which shows Trump was well aware of the Russian government’s interference in the presidential election. Furthermore the report also showed the Russian government may potentially be blackmailing Trump as the report claims the Russians have compiled a laundry list of past misdeeds Trump is guilty of participating in. Without further evidence being made available to the public to verify these claims it is impossible to state with certitude if the report is accurate, but if it is true the damage done to Trump will be incalculable and likely places him in a position from which he cannot recover.

Trump took to Twitter to express his outrage that he was the victim of a witchhunt, however his modus operendi has always been to deflect information whenever possible:

Sen. Mark Warner said of the possible damning information held by the Russians about Trump:

The Russian hacking and release of stolen information; Russia’s use of state-owned media and other means to amplify real and fake news to further their goal; and contact between the Russian government and its agents, and associates of any campaign and candidate.

At this point one is not sure what the outcome of this scenario will be. The longer it is believed the Russian government holds evidence against Trump, the worse off he will be in the eyes of the American people.

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