Former Pres. Jimmy Carter Had Some Choice Words For Potential “ONE-TERM” President Trump

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With Donald Trump now our 45th president, it is time to discuss where we go from here.

One of the people who came to watch the ceremony was former President Jimmy Carter, who had some advice for the President (Ugh, writing that is HARD!)

TMZ caught up with the 39th president at Reagan National Airport, where Carter offered up some short, but sweet, words on how Trump could avoid becoming a “one-term president”:

Carter smiled and earnestly stated:

“Oh, just do a good job and tell the truth.”

TELL THE TRUTH, that’s a joke.

When asked if he has any advice for what President Obama should do after he leaves office, Carter stated:

“He can come down to the Carter Center. We’d be glad to have him.”

The Carter Center is an organization founded by Carter and his wife that “seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.”

The conversation then took a hard left turn as Carter, a proud Georgia native, finished things off by debating the all-important question: Which type of peanut butter is better – smooth or crunchy?

And even here, Carter answers it like a true politician.

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