Democrats Force Trump’s Hand On Russia, Making It ILLEGAL To Lift Sanctions

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President Donald Trump has made massive promises of what he claims he will achieve during his time in office, but Democrats are not going to give him a free pass. The top Democrat in the senate, Charles Schumer (D-NY) who is the Senate Minority Leader, has plans to force Trump’s hand on Russia.

Schumer was a guest on ABC’s “This Week” where he spoke about a bill that will make it illegal for Trump to take any actions which lift sanctions on Russia without congressional approval. Schumer said:

And for us to repeal sanctions, given what Russia has done in Ukraine and threatened the Baltics and, now, they have clearly tried to intervene in our election. Whether it had an effect or not — that’s a danger that we have never faced to this extent in American history.

The Democratic party does not hold a majority in the senate, but that does not mean they are toothless and without the ability to influence Trump’s behavior. It would be foolish for Republicans to assume they have a blank check to do whatever they like, and the Democratic party is going to use every tool available to them to give Trump fits. Given that Republicans obstructed nearly every action taken by former President Barack Obama, it is only fair for Democrats to do the same to Trump.

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