Dan Rather Just Called Trump Mentally Ill Over His CRAZY “Voter Fraud” Claims, LET’S MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

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Donald Trump is losing it.

First it was the size of his inauguration. He said he saw 1.5 million people, which is a lie.

Now he is saying that 3 – 5 million people voted fraudulently, because he cannot stand that he lost the popular vote.

Trump appeared on ABC News Wednesday night and viscously defended his “voter fraud” claims, even after the anchor debunked them.

The way Trump is acting is downright scary, and now veteran newsman Dan Rather has added his two cents.

Rather said:

In my mind there is no bigger story right now than the insistance by president Donald Trump that there were millions of illegal votes cast in the last election – and that’s saying something considering all that’s going on. The reason why this is such a bombshell is not because there is an any basis in truth for the story. It’s precisely the opposite. These are lies of a magnitude and scale that they not only are crashing into a wall of facts and reason, but of sanity.

I have no training in psychology and I am very wary of anyone’s armchair diagnosis of the President. But let’s stop and consider what he’s implying. Our election system is in shambles. And that not only calls into question his election, but every down ballot race. This would be a conspiracy of epic proportions. This is “we faked the moon landing” kind of stuff. Of course what this really is is pure and unadulterated horse manure. And everyone in Washington knows it. That’s what’s so troubling. There are real issues around voting in our country but they mostly center on questions of fairness, access and intimidation. By all means let’s investigate that.

As for the notions of VOTER FRAUD (Mr. Trump’s all caps) from what discredited blog or which unscrupulous advisor is the President getting this craziness? Or is he just making it up? Does he really believe it? Is it just the height of cynicism and distraction? None of these options are in the least bit comforting. But most Republicans in Congress seem just fine silently nodding along as long as they get their “conservative” (reactionary, in the view of opponents) agenda enacted. On policy, they have every right. They won their elections and that merits respect, no matter how grudging. But the tone and content of the falsehoods and sheer propaganda originating from the White House is another matter – and that is not to be respected.

Is there a political price to pay for this descent into the Twilight Zone? Because in the real world, we are all being affected.

As I have said many times before, I believe the overwhelming majority of Trump voters are decent-intending people who love our country as much as I do. But with such things as the lie about “voter fraud”, I don’t think the press should ask any of President Trump’s supporters–especially those in Congress–a question on any other topic – before they can answer, what the hell is going on…and do they approve of it?

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