Penthouse Magazine May Have VIDEO Evidence Trump Hired Russian Prostitutes

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President-elect Donald Trump has been mired in scandal since the inception of his political career. From various business disagreements and lawsuits, to Trump being accused by dozens of women for sexually assaulting them, to Trump admitting that he sexually assaults women by grabbing them “by the pus*y, he has mostly walked away unscathed. Now a new scandal has emerged which may end Trump’s presidency before it begins. There are rumors floating around that Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on his face and that evidence exists of this altercation.

Penthouse magazine has offered $1 million for any proof of this incident, and so far three individuals have come forward to attempt to claim the bounty. The editor of Penthouse, Raphie Aronowitz, said:

If the story is real, which we don’t know if it is or not, it really kind of hits at the intersection between politics, scandal and sex, which as a brand both historically and currently is our sweet spot.

He went on to say that Penthouse is taking every step to ensure if they do go public with information that it is verifiable:

For us, this was the type of story that we wanted to jump all over. But at the same time there’s been so much floating around – as far as fake news stories – there have been so many people who have just been taking shots at President-elect Donald Trump because he’s an easy target, and we as a brand and as an informational source, we didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon. We wanted to make sure this story could be verified, that the murmurings of their being actual video documentation that corroborates the allegations, do exist. For us, this was a very real ask, which is just ‘Give us some facts, and let us share the real story with our readers and with the public.

As the story is looming and evidence is slim, the public will merely have to wait and see if and when Trump can be tried in the court of public opinion about his possible philandering with prostitute ways.

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