Anti-Obamacare Republican Congresswoman Faces Angry Crowd And Runs Away Like A Coward [WATCH HERE]

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The Republican party has been adamant about their desire to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature legislation, The Affordable Care Act since its inception. Now with shocking rise of Donald Trump, who will soon be inaugurated as the 45th President of The United States, that magical moment of villainy and infamy has finally arrived. While Republicans control both houses of Congress with majorities, their plans are not as popular as they believe them to be. One republican Congresswoman learned this reality the hard way.

During a rally at Spokane Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers found herself the witless pawn of a hostile crowd on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. McMorris Rodgers has been a vocal proponent of dismantling The Affordable Care Act and the crowd was not willing to put their ideological differences aside to celebrate the day in reverence. McMorris Rodgers was invited to speak but instead she found herself drowned out by the crowd who were unwilling to allow her the opportunity to express her full views by shouting “liar” at her.

The congresswoman’s team issued a statement about the incident:

Today’s Martin Luther King Jr., Day Rally and Unity March was about unifying around the core values that we, as Americans, all share, which is why the Congresswoman was honored to be invited to speak and share her thoughts on unity. The Congresswoman looks forward to keeping the lines of communication open when discussing how to ensure a smooth and stable transition out of Obamacare to put in place a 21st Century health care system.

Watch the scene unfold below:

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