Anderson Cooper And Kellyanne Conway Just Had A Full-On BRAWL, Fighting Over Trump’s Intel Report

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Kellyanne Conway and Anderson Cooper got into a massive heated argument tonight over CNN’s report last night on Trump being briefed about supposed “compromising” information against him.

Cooper was upset that Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer appeared to be conflating CNN’s report with BuzzFeed’s, which included a dossier on that alleged Russian disinformation, and he confronted Conway about that. Conway repeatedly insisted to Cooper that CNN’s “screaming headline” was wrong and that they linked to the BuzzFeed report online.

Cooper seemed utterly bewildered at Conway scolding CNN for its report, and when she said “I know CNN is feeling the heat today,” Cooper shot back, “I think you guys are feeling the heat.”

Cooper defended CNN’s reporting and asked Conway how she can dismiss it as inaccurate when she doesn’t know for certain that it’s false. He said, “CNN is not BuzzFeed, I just wish you guys would acknowledge [it].”

At one point Conway told him that “CNN and BuzzFeed have a lot in common” and criticized both for not seeing Trump’s win coming. Cooper shot back, “You can’t stick to what we’re talking about now.”

Conway even told Cooper that she doesn’t expect CNN to hold anyone accountable if it turns out the story is wrong, with her saying they have “no evidence of it other than unnamed sources.”

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