New CIA Report PROVES The Iraq War Was BASED ON A LIE, Will Donald Trump Do The Same Thing?

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The Republican party will soon have total control of the Federal government, which has not happened since President George W. Bush’s first term. It is important to remember what happened during the Bush presidency or else the American people may be doomed to repeat the same mistakes once Donald Trump is sworn in. Despite Trump being a longtime critic of Bush’s foreign policy decisions to launch a war in Iraq, both he and Bush share an ideology of hostility towards the Middle East.

It was recently revealed by a former CIA analyst John Nixon that Bush had long intended to invade Iraq, and that the nation was considered “unfinished business” from his father, George H.W. Bush’s presidency. Nixon said, “We never really understood at that point what unfinished business meant, but we knew that they wanted to do something.”

Nixon claims that Bush and his cabinet used the 9/11 terrorist attacks to justify toppling Saddam Hussein’s government:

You know, they had their minds made up from day one. And then after 9/11, that’s when the death warrant for Saddam Hussein was signed.

The decision to remove Hussein from power led to a bloody conflict which spread through a dozen countries in the Middle East and Africa which continues to this day. When Trump is sworn in and becomes the commander in chief of the United States military with sole discretion if he wishes to deploy troops to attack a nation, many are hoping Trump does not get the United States involved in another military quagmire.

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