800,000 People Are Expected In Washington, DC For Inauguration Weekend, Guess How Many Of Those Will Be PROTESTING?

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It is expected that approximately 800,000 people will be traveling Washington, DC for the inaugural weekend. However, not all of those people will be in the capital city to see Donald Trump take the oath of office.

Organizers of the “Women’s March on Washington” estimate 200,000 people will participate in its inauguration weekend protest, according to a National Park Service’s list of First Amendment permit applications.

The group organizing the protest applied for a permit application under the name “The Gathering for Justice,” according to Mike Litterst, the chief of communications for the NPS’ National Mall & Memorial Parks. The application says the march’s purpose is “to come together in solidarity to express to the new administration & congress that women’s rights are human rights and our power cannot be ignored.”

The march is one of many planned protests and events surrounding the inauguration. Other groups that applied for permits on Inauguration Day include the March for Life Education and Defense Fund 2017, requesting a permit for the National Mall to “march for life, to build a culture of Life on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.” The application said it anticipates 50,000 people will attend.

Trump has repeatedly expressed interest in having a large crowd on Inauguration Day. In December, he tweeted “I hope the ‘MOVEMENT’ fans will go to D.C. on Jan 20th for the swearing in. Let’s set the all time record!”

Let’s hope the record will be for the number of protestors!

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