Alec Baldwin Just DESTROYED Donald Trump On SNL, And His “Big Russian Pee-Pee Party”

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SNL took on Donald Trump’s controversial press conference on tonight’s episode, featuring the return of the FANTASTIC Alec Baldwin to play our soon-to-be Commander in Chief.

Trump touted his upcoming Inauguration billing as part of the sketch, featuring appearances by “Jackie what’s her name, and the one Rockette with the least money in her savings,”

But when it came time for the journalists to hit Trump with some questions, they weren’t exactly what he had hoped for. “I’d like to ask you about your big Russian pee-pee party,” asked one.

“I’m going to bring back a think stream of jobs to this country,” he deflected. “It’s a golden opportunity for me as president to make a big splash.”

Even the role of the confusing Sheri Dillon, Trump’s personal lawyer, was played hilariously by Cecily Strong to reveal the stacks of fake papers next to the podium. The cold open even managed an additional swipe at Kellyanne Conway. “Everyday it looks like she does the ice bucket challenge with her makeup,” Trump says in the bit.

Expect Trump to be tweeting about his hatred of SNL and Alec Baldwin in 3, 2, 1…

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