A Week Before Leaving Office, Obama Sends A Giant “F*CK YOU” To Republicans With New Law

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The Republican party has made it a hallmark of their policy to attempt to obstruct President Barack Obama and his agenda whenever possible. No matter how small or petty the Republicans have sought to ensure that anything Obama proposes is painted in a negative light. Now that Obama is leaving office he is giving Republicans a parting gift which they can do nothing to stop.

The President of the United States has the unilateral ability to designate areas as a Federal park or as a Monument. Obama issued a statement about his latest designations which will surely incense Republicans:

Today, I am designating new national monuments that preserve critical chapters of our country’s history, from the Civil War to the civil rights movement. These monuments preserve the vibrant history of the Reconstruction Era and its role in redefining freedom. They tell the important stories of the citizens who helped launch the civil rights movement in Birmingham and the Freedom Riders whose bravery raised national awareness of segregation and violence. These stories are part of our shared history. From designating Stonewall National Monument, our country’s first national monument honoring the LGBT movement, to recognizing the movement for women’s equality through the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, I have sought to build a more inclusive National Park System and ensure that our national parks, monuments and public lands are fully reflective of our nation’s diverse history and culture.

I am also expanding existing areas for some of our country’s treasured and historic natural resources in Oregon and California today, including stretches of California’s scenic coast and unique wildlife habitat in rugged mountain ranges and forests in Oregon and California. Over the last 8 years, I have sought to work with local communities, Tribal governments, businesses, sportsmen, members of Congress and others to protect the most important public lands for the benefit of future generations. Today’s actions will help ensure that more of our country’s history will be preserved and celebrated, and that more of our outdoors will be protected for all to experience and enjoy.

Obama is slated to leave office in a week and the Republicans are powerless to stop him from using his presidential powers.

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