200 Buses Have Applied For Inauguration Parking, Guess How Many Buses Applied For The Women’s March?

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Donald Trump has been boasting that the attendance at his swearing in will be “record-setting,” and that there’s nary a ball gown in sight. However, bus permit applications for the weekend tell a completely different story.

As of Friday, approximately 200 bus permits have been requested to park in Washington D.C.’s RFK stadium on Inauguration Day.

By contrast, nearly 1,200 tour bus permits that have been requested for the Women’s March on Washington the following day.

From The Huffington Post:

To put that in context, The Washington Post reports that at President Barack Obama’s record-setting 2009 inauguration, more than 3,000 charter buses registered for parking permits in D.C. Roughly 1.8 million people attended Obama’s first swearing-in ceremony, and nearly 1 million went to D.C. to watch him be sworn in again in 2013.

The Trump team’s messages about what to expect from the inauguration have been mixed. The President-elect told The New York Times that attendance would be “unbelievable” and that there would be plenty of A-list celebrities on hand to fete him. His inauguration planner was more measured saying, oddly, that the event would have a soft, sensual and non-circus-like feel.

This inauguration will be mess. Of course, we WON’T be watching.

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