BREAKING: Ivanka Trump WILL Have A Role In Her Father’s Administration – DOING THIS! [DETAILS]

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With a little over a month left before Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, the world is beginning to see that his administration will be unlike any seen before. Typically the First Lady lives in the White House, but Trump’s wife is going to be saying in New York City. The First Lady also typically champions social issues and uses her husband’s presidency as a sounding board to help focus attention on these issues, but Mrs. Trump is apparently passing the torch to her step-daughter Ivanka.

President-elect Trump has already stated he was turning over the day to day aspects of his business to his eldest daughter, and now she is slated to take on an even larger role in Trump’s administration. While it is technically illegal for Trump to appoint any family members or relatives to official government positions, he is not prevented from allowing them to perform various tasks in an unofficial capacity. This is exactly where Ivanka Trump seeks to be, and she has been eyeing the issue of climate change as an area where she can have a positive impact. Thus far Ivanka Trump has begun the search to hire a capable chief of staff, and a variety of assistants to help balance her day.

If the vision Ivanka Trump has comes to fruition she will be the only First Daughter to have taken such a large role in modern history. Perhaps Ivanka views her father’s presidency as an opportunity to launch her own political career, or perhaps she merely seeks to help members of the public. Whatever the case may be, Ivanka Trump is going to be in the lime light of American society for at least the next four years, and possibly much longer after that.

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