Yes, It’s Time To Talk About 2020 – Here Are The TOP 5 Democrats Who Could Be The Next President

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Now that President-elect Donald Trump has trounced the Democratic party and given them the most humiliating loss in their history, many party elites are doing soul searching to figure out where they went wrong, and to attempt to figure out just who will stand a chance at defeating Trump in 2020. They’ve compiled a list of individuals who may be up to the task, but missing from the list is Senator Bernie Sanders, who would have defeated Trump in this election had he been given the chance.

At the top of the list is Democratic firebrand Elizabeth Warren, the good senator from Massachusettes. She may well be the party’s best chance, however, there will be certain sexist connotations against her as the party will likely be unwilling to attempt to run a second female as the party’s standard-bearer.

Clinton’s former running mate, Tim Kaine, comes in second. Before Clinton tapped Kaine he wasn’t well known to the American people, but consider his visibility during the election he may be a viable choice. However, four years is a long time in the minds of Americans who generally cannot remember what they ate for breakfast.

Amy Klobuchar is third ranked in the possibility of beating Trump. A relative unknown outside of her home state of Minnesota, the senator has approval ratings in the near 70 percent range. That may not impress individuals who have not heard of her, but she has expressed interest in running for the White House, but a jump to the governor’s mansion might be her better bet.

Kirsten Gillibrand comes in fourth, and the fiery senator from New York who has fought for the rights of women, particularly in the military, may be a welcome choice after the nation suffers through four years of Trump. She would be my pick.

Wrapping up the top five is Kamala Harris, who was just elected to the US Senate. A former Attorney General in California, she would know what it takes to prosecute a criminal. Would she know how to beat a criminal in a political contest? She will have a few years to test her metal before attempting what would be a brutal battle.

The American people will have plenty of time to speculate, and in four years perhaps a new face will emerge. For now, this is what is available and the best shot the Democrats have to stop a second Trump term.

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