ALERT: Mark Cuban Makes FRIGHTENING Prediction If Trump Wins – This Should Disqualify Trump From The Race!

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If Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump were to defeat Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton November 8th, and ascend to the White House there are concerns he could be easily bribed. Trump’s nemesis, actual billionaire, and successful businessman Mark Cuban, says Trump doesn’t have the integrity not to accept a bribe.

Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Pittsburgh and Cuban introduced her to a wild crowd. During his speech Cuban presented the scenario of Trump being offered money by a dictator:

There’s gonna come a time where Donald Trump, God help, if he’s president where Putin or Assad would say to him, ‘Donald if you do this, I’ll give you $20 billion. What’s $20 billion to them? What’s $30 billion? To them it’s nothing. If Donald Trump – who rips off people for thousands, gets offered by some dictator somewhere, some despot somewhere, $20 billion, you think he’s gonna do what’s best for the country or do you think he’s gonna take the money? Do you think he’s got the temperament to do the right thing? Do you think he’s got the fortitude to do the right thing? Do you think he cares more about you or his bank account? Can you trust Donald Trump? Absolutely not.

Hillary Clinton followed Cuban’s lead and pounded away at Trump’s reliability and integrity, of which is easy to impune. She said:

Imagine having a president who owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks and other foreign entities that he doesn’t tell us about. Ask yourself, so if he’s sitting across the table negotiating with people from those countries, is he going to put his own financial interests ahead of America’s interests? I can tell you this, when I’m sitting across the table from the Russians or anyone else, I know who I’m representing – the American people.

Watch the full speech below:

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