Viewers Are Calling For Boycott Of Dr. Phil After Shelley Duvall Interview

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Television psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw is under fire in the media for using the troubles of others to gain himself fame and fortune. For years Dr. Phil has drawn the ire of individuals who believe he is not actually helping anybody but himself. While he offers advice in front of a television audience of millions, he also pockets millions of dollars and lives a plush lifestyle which none of his “patients” ever will experience. The boycott against Dr. Phil has been a long-time coming, as the public has grown weak and weary to his fake folksy opinions. Many individuals have decided to come out against Dr. Phil’s brand of exploitation, including the son of two of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Ronan Farrow, the son of pedophile director Woody Allen and Actress Mia Farrow, joined the battle and called Dr. Phil’s recent segment with Shelly Duvall “exploitation” and that she deserved to receive more respect from him than she did. He went on to say that Duvall was not showed compassion by Dr. Phil for her very real suffering. Farrow says that Dr. Phil sells exploitation as a commiddity

I did not expect this week’s biggest piece of non-Trump-related celebrity news to center around Dr. Phil and Shelley Duvall, but that’s the hand I was dealt, so it’s the hand I will play.

Ronan Farrow, the wunderkind spawn of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, has taken to Twitter to express his disgust with Dr. Phil for what he calls an exploitative interview with Duvall. His tweetstorm ends with a call for a boycott of the show, and comes just one day after Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the late director Stanley, did the same.

Farrow wrote, in part:

You can read all of Farrow’s comments on his Twitter feed. Shelley Duvall’s interview with Dr. Phil airs today.


Anyway, speaking of Ronan Farrow, the father of Young Blue Eyes is in the rags today because of an unpleasant mention in Kathy Griffin’s new book, Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index. Griffin claims she joined Allen at a dinner party in 2014, and that he had plenty to say after she brought up Miley Cyrus.

Writes Page Six:

Allen responded “that he’s seen every episode . . . of ‘Hannah Montana’ [which Cyrus starred in until 2011]” and expressed concern about “her ‘current rebellious phase.’ ”

Griffin adds, “Yeah. Pick your jaw up off the floor and let that nestle somewhere uncomfortably in your stomach.”
This is notable only because it was just two months ago that Allen, who cast Cyrus in his new Amazon series, told a version of this story that was decidedly less creepy.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he said:

“When I was younger and my kids were growing up, I would go through the channels and I would see her for a second. I stopped and I noticed, ‘Who is this kid? She’s got a great delivery!’ – she was knocking off those one-liners like she was a very gifted comic performer – and then I forgot about her and moved on.”
“I noticed she was a gifted comic performer and then forgot about her” is…considerably different from “I have seen every episode of Hannah Montana and am concerned about her current ‘rebellious phase.’”

[Page Six]

Page Six published a very good and very short interview with Kathy Bates (who’s currently promoting the Bad Santa sequel) this morning. Here’s part of it:

“I couldn’t come out with a memoir now . . . I had some good times, [but] I can’t tell you about it — they’re still alive.”
Read the rest here.

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