JUST IN: Trump WHINES LIKE A BABY That Obama Campaigns For Hillary – Twitter DESTROYS Him Over It [WATCH]

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been criticizing literally every single action President Barack Obama has undertaken. Trump was the individual who led the unbelievably idiotic “birther” charge that Obama was not born in America and is therefore disqualified to be president. After Obama humiliated Trump by releasing his “long form” birth certificate Trump has taken to being petty and crying about Obama’s use of the presidential jet, Air Force One, to campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Sitting presidents have always helped their party’s nominee by campaigning, but this fact seems to be lost on Trump who has no grip on reality.

Trump, the village idiot of Twitter, tweeted out:

The good people of the Internet were uninterested in Trump’s interpretation of Obama’s use of Air Force One, and he was lambasted in a merciless and grand fashion.

One Twitter use aptly pointed out that it is the law for Clinton’s campaign to pay for Obama’s travel:

The humiliation of Trump continued:

The final blow for Trump’s hypocrisy came below:

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